A Guide to Clarinet Mouthpieces

Alan Gregory Music & Musical Instruments

Looking to upgrade your clarinet mouthpiece? Our woodwind specialists have put together some useful information to help explain a little more about them.

W h a t   i s   a   m o u t h p i e c e?

The clarinet is a single reed instrument belonging to the woodwind family. There are lots of different types. The most common; B flat, sits in the middle of the higher E flat and between the bass clarinet which plays one octave below. There are quite a few other variants which see frequent use by soloists and in orchestras around the world.

Clarinets come in five sections: mouthpiece, barrel, top joint, bottom joint and the bell. To produce a sound, a reed is attached to the mouthpiece with a ligature. When air passes over the reed, it vibrates and passes through a chamber in the mouthpiece, then down through the…

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